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With a primary goal and vision to create a medical facility that will provide the patients with high quality healthcare services, through its specialized units, the OLYMPION Rehabilitation Center was established in 2003, at the city of Patra, in the Southwestern area of Greece.

The establishment of the OLYMPION Private General Clinic, followed in 2005, also in the city of Patra. A state-of-the-art healthcare facility, with modern infrastructure, advanced technological equipment and innovative medical practices, oriented to meeting the human needs, with a sole concern of the whole staff (medical, nursing and Administrative personnel) for the safety and immediate treatment of patient’s health conditions, without unnecessary delays and bureaucratic rigidities.

Thus, a medical institution that predominated in the private healthcare sector in Greece was created, with a strong leading presence. After the successful course of the above mentioned medical facilities, the establishment of three more Rehabilitation Centers followed:

  • The OLYMPION Ioanninon (in Northwestern Greece)
  • The OLYMPION Thessalias (in Karditsa)
  • The OLYMPION Chanion (in Crete)
and also, the Dialysis Units in the cities of Patra, Amaliada, Chania and Nafpaktos, respectively.

With respect to the patients’ needs and values as well as their families and loved ones and with a unique aim to ensure quality in providing personalized healthcare services for every patient, both in primary and secondary healthcare, we continue to invest in high-end technology, innovation and scientific knowledge, through the constant education and specialization of the medical and nursing personnel.

Finally, a family-oriented environment was cultivated in the workplace, exuding security and balanced work life, which is a great part of the successful course of the OLYMPION S.A.


Fotis Papavasilopoulos

Chairman of the board & CEO of the “OLYMPION S.A.” Private General Clinic

Photo of Chairman of the board Fotis Papavasilopoulos

"the other face of health"



Volou & Meilichou Str., Kato Sychena, Patras 264 43, Greece



LANDLINE: +30 2611 100 600
AMBULANCE: +30 2610 464 000



LANDLINE: +30 2610 464 000
E-MAIL: info@olympion-sa.gr


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