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Nursing Services

The Nursing Services Department is one of the fundamental services of Olympion Private General Hospital, with its own separate formation and hierarchical structure.

. The Nursing Services Department is formed within a Nursing Administration Department, which includes all the Nursing Departments as well as the Special Treatment Units such as Kidney Dialysis Unit, ICU, Coronary Care Unit and Neonatal Care Unit.

The main goals of the Olympion Nursing Services Department are:

  • To provide excellent quality nursing care to inpatients treated in all Olympion’s clinics, as well as to people who come to the Outpatient Clinics, always according to the principles, the methodology and the technique of the Nursing Science.
  • To exercise effective management and to plan and control all provided services, according to the quality and safety criteria.
  • To support educational nursing programs for gaining experience, as well as the preparation and implementation of continuing education programs for the Nursing and other staff of the Nursing Services Department.
  • To cooperate with all the other services of OLYMPION in order to accomplish the most efficient organization and operation of the institution having as main goal to provide excellent health services.

To achieve its objectives, the Nursing Services Department is manned with well-educated and experienced nursing staff not only in the general practice of the Nursing Science but also in the specialized nursing training required in each of our departments.

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LANDLINE: +30 2610 464 000
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