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Neonatal Unit, Level II

At the Gynecology - Obstetrics Department, which is fully equipped with the most up-to-date medical equipment, the whole range of Obstetric and Gynecological surgical procedures are carried out.

The Department is medically covered by: PEDIATRIC TEAM & NEONATAL ICU.

The pediatric team consists of 6 pediatricians with special education and experience in the Neonatal Care. The pediatrician is present at each delivery and is responsible for the neonatal resuscitation.

The monitoring and care of the normal newborn continues under the pediatrician’s supervision in the new mothers Department. During the treatment of the mother and child, rooming-in is applied (i.e. the stay of the newborn in the mother's room) as well as the modern methods that contribute to the promotion of breastfeeding.

The Department offer Neonatal Unit of intermediate hospitalization, level II. The Unit’s equipment includes, among other things, open and closed incubators, a respirator and phototherapy devices. It can treat full-term and premature infants, weighing more than 1,500 grams and over 32 weeks of pregnancy.

Neonatal conditions such as transient shortness of breath, jaundice, infections, hypoglycemia, as well as conditions related to the normal immaturity of the prematures, such as difficulty in thermoregulation, difficulty in feeding orally, and apnea, are often treated.

In case of a more serious incident, the Department is able to carry out the stabilization of the newborn, including the mechanical respiratory support, and thus to ensure its safe transport to specialized units in the area. The department is directly supported by the radiology (portable radiology machine, ultrasound to the patient's bed) and the microbiological laboratory.

Through the highly qualified medical and nursing staff and the state-of-the-art medical equipment, the “OLYMPION” General Clinic meets the needs of the normal newborn and also a wide range of neonatal conditions by applying the most up-to-date medical data, thus, aspiring to be a reference point in the Neonatal care sector.

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