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The innovative DEXA bone density measurement system, modern HORIZON type DEXA technology, Wi model, manufactured by the American company HOLOGIC, suitable for conducting precise examinations on all types of patients, regardless of age and body morphology, has been incorporated to the hospital’s equipment. The "Horizon Wi" model belongs to the latest generation of bone density measurement systems, featuring a series of high spatial resolution ceramic detectors and a high frequency pulse generator, delivering high quality (high signal-to-noise ratio) image in a wide range of examinees.

Combined with “true fan-beam geometry” (OnePassTM) technology, the system provides a quantitative estimate of bone density (based on dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry - DEXA) in a single scan. In addition, by incorporating a new material (bone and tissue) calibration system on pixel level, the model ensures high quality image, measurement accuracy and repeatability through time, making it possible to monitor disease progression. The following protocols may be implemented:

  • Lumbar vertebrae protocol (L1-L2-L3-L4)..

  • Hip examination protocol with individual analysis of the individual neck, ward triangle and trochanter.

  • Protocol for dual hip examination.

  • Bone density whole body protocol.. In the WHOLE BODY measurement protocol, sub-regions can be analyzed by giving individual results for each sub-region.

  • FOREARM screening protocolExamination of the forearm results in Ultra-distal, MID, 1/3 distal and TOTAL regions, respectively.

  • Comparison of images with previous exams as well as comparative results through the "Rate Of Change Report". In addition, it enables the patient to monitor the progress of repetitive exams by displaying color images of previous exams, thereby, facilitating the physician to detect any fluctuations

  • Ability to generate a complete fracture risk assessment report by combining results from multiple testing protocols through the "FRAX Intergrated Report". 10-year fracture risk assessment (FRAX * 10-year fracture risk assessment), using state-of-the-art FRAX program. According to the World Health Organization, the FRAX parameter is most important in defining patients with a high degree of fracture risk for a period of ten (10) years. It combines eleven (11) of the highest risk factors, including age, individual and family history, while giving high reliability results that cannot be obtained solely through the classic T-score based FRACTURE RISK.

  • Pediatric Protocol (Pediatric Whole Body) with possibility of examinations: pediatric hip, lumbar and whole body scan

Protocol of quantitative analysis of body composition (percentage of fat-muscle tissue). It is carried out through the whole body measurement protocol without the need for additional scanning and provides high-precision results. Color rendering of fat, muscle mass, bone mass as well as high-precision results for both the whole body and user-defined subclasses are provided in percentages and in absolute numerical values.

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