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Pulmonary Department

The Pulmonary Department of the OLYMPION is staffed by specialized Medical and Nursing personnel and includes the following:

Pulmonary Clinic:

The Pulmonary Clinic operates in collaboration with the other departments of Internal Medicine. The Clinic treats patients with acute respiratory conditions as well as patients with chronic conditions. Therefore, it is possible to investigate and provide treatment for all pulmonary cases with consistency and safety.

Out-patient Pulmonary Clinic:

The Out-patient Pulmonary Clinic operates on a daily basis. Acute cases are treated, patients with chronic respiratory diseases are monitored, and preoperative assessments are made when deemed necessary by the treating physician.

Pulmonary Department

The Clinic performs a complete investigation of the Respiratory System with:

  • Ergospirometry
  • Spirometry before and after bronchodilation
  • Volume flow curve
  • Calculation of static and dynamic volumes
  • Functional control of the respiratory muscles
  • Compliance
  • Arterial blood gas analysis and oximetry (24 hours a day)

Smoking Cessation Clinic:

This Clinic provides an effective solution to quitting smoking, in a comfortable and welcoming environment and always according to the latest international data.

Bronchology department:

In an especially designed space, the Bronchoscopy Department provides cutting-edge technological equipment for the performance of bronchoscopies with the ability of taking bronchial and bronchocellular lavage, biopsies (cytological-histological), brushing.

The doctors of the Pulmonary Department, in collaboration with the treating doctors, observe all the in-patients with respiratory problems of each Department of the OLYMPION General Clinic (ICU, Surgery, Pathology, Oncology, Rehabilitation Center, etc.) when deemed necessary.

Pulmonary Department

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LANDLINE: +30 2610 464 000
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