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Greece & Medical Tourism

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Greece is the place where medical tourism took its first steps, providing knowledge of medical science and its ability to heal visitors from different places. It is a country with 3000 years of tradition in medicine, where the the spirit of ancient Greece, the wonderful landscape and the enchanting sea contribute to the highest medical standards.

Medical science has deep roots and a long tradition in Greece. The god of medicine, Asclepius, was worshiped in antiquity and Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, was born in 460 BC. on the island of Kos. This tradition continues in the modern times with the great physician and researcher Georgios Papanikolaou, who invented the method of diagnosing cervical cancer (Pap test) - a method of saving women's lives.

The great medical science continues its tradition from antiquity. Today, special  programs combine the provision of high quality medical services with high standards of tourism and medical infrastructure. The potential benefits of medical tourism for the countries it is being developed, are strong incentives for investment in this sector, in terms of the country. In particular, the inflow of significant revenues, the fight against seasonality, the creation of jobs, the development of medical tourism in Greece, may be a lever to restart the country's economy.

A prerequisite for achieving the aforementioned goal is the creation of an integrated national strategy, which should focus on promoting and promoting internationally, the comparative advantage that the country has for the relevant development of the sector.

Greece is a country that has all the necessary characteristics to become a popular medical tourism destination. The mild climate, the excellent geographic location, the integrated hospitals and tourist facilities, the highly trained staff and the high level of medical and tourist services combined with the low cost of providing the services thereof, are the main elements that make the comparative advantage of the country and its capabilities in order to  develop  and become distinguished in the Medical Tourism industry.

The term "Medical Tourism" refers to two categories of health services:

  • The management of medical needs for visitors who are in a foreign country on a holiday trip, or on a business trip, or as temporary residents. It includes emergency health or regular health care for the treatment of chronic illnesses.
  • "Elective medical tourism", where the patient chooses to travel in order to receive a specific medical service, motivated by factors such as: the cost of the service, the quality of service and overall health care, waiting time in the country of origin for the provision of such service, the opportunity to combine medical care with entertainment / travel.

The OLYMPION S.A. is able to serve all types of medical tourism incidents and at all stages of medical care. With a dedicated International Patients Department, collaboration agreements with all the well known International Insurance and Assistance Companies, state-of-the art medical equipment, experienced and highly qualified scientific personnel and constantly evolving quality management system, the patient can feel completely safe throughout the duration of his stay or service, at the OLYMPION Centers.

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