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General Family Medicine Department

«To prepare for and prevent is better than to cure»


The Department of Family Medicine is staffed by specialized General – Family Practitioners. They are in charge of:

  • Check-up
  • Prescription
  • Monitoring of chronic diseases
  • Creating personal medical records
  • Guiding patients with multiple medical problems
  • Home Patient Support

The most effective medicine is preventive medicine. Unfortunately, for years the view has been that a check-up is a simple blood test every time someone believes or feels that "something is wrong" with their body. But the reality is completely different.

Initially, the interested party should be examined by a General Practitioner. He, depending on the patient's gender, age, individual and family history, and the findings of his examination, decides to carry out the necessary laboratory and imaging examinations in accordance with international scientific guidelines. It is therefore understandable that each person needs a different precautionary test, fully personalized and adapted to their medical profile.

At the end of the examination, a complete individual medical file is created in electronic form, a copy of which is delivered to the patient, while at the same time the plan of his subsequent visits or examinations is scheduled.

Pre-symptomatic testing only takes 2 hours and is probably the best gift for you and your loved ones.

With the checkup packages of the OLYMPION General Clinic, it is now possible for everyone.


Every day (except weekends) it is possible to prescribe medicines, tests and medical reports from  the OLYMPION General Practitioners. Quickly, without the need for an appointment, the prescription needs of the patients with EOPYY are served, as well as with other social security funds and private insurances. It should be noted that there is also a special Department for the service of international policyholders.

Monitoring of chronic conditions

Patients with Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity and other chronic conditions are monitored at the Department of Family Medicine. Whenever necessary, a referral to a specialist is made.

Creating an individual medical file

All patients who come for screening or are monitored by the Family Medicine Department have an individual medical file in electronic form. This guarantees that each exam will be available at all times, to the patient and the doctors of the other departments of the Hospital as well as to treating physicians outside the facility.

The medical file is updated each time the patient visits the department and then receives copies of his or her updated file.

Guiding patients with multiple medical conditions

Until a few years ago, it was a common for a patient, usually an elderly person, with more than one medical conditions to end up with many medical opinions from various specialists but without solving their problems. This is exactly the "gap" between the various medical specialties that General - Family Doctors come to fill.

The General Practitioner has acquired the knowledge of the basic elements of all the medical specialties from the training, in order to be able to:

  • Monitor a patient with multiple medical conditions on his own
  • Prioritize his medical priorities and needs
  • Be in direct and substantial communication with the specialist doctors.
  • Refer the patient to the appropriate specialist doctor when he deems that specialized medical care is required

Home medical support for patients

The specialty of the General-Family Medicine, due to the range of cases it covers, is perhaps the most suitable for monitoring and providing primary treatment to patients at home. The Department of General - Family Medicine of the OLYMPION, has the ability to provide home medical services by General Practitioners, 24 hours a day. At the same time there is possibility of transport with the OLYMPION ambulances, where ever necessary.

"the other face of health"



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LANDLINE: +30 2610 464 000
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