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Gastroenterology Endoscopic Department

The Gastroenterology Endoscopic Department of the OLYMPION General Clinic, provides high quality endoscopic services, diagnostic and interventional, in a space where the patient and the staff of the Department, feel safe and comfortable.

The Endoscopic Department consists of:

  • Endoscopy Room
  • Resuscitation/Recovery Room
  • Waiting area
  • Area of Scheduled and Emergency cases
  • Medical offices/ Exam Rooms

In the Gastroenterology Endoscopic Department, the following procedures are carried out with  state-of-the-art endoscopes:

Diagnostic Endoscopies

  • Endoscopies of the Upper Digestive tract
  • Endoscopies of the Lower Digestive tract (Sigmoidoscopy, Total Colonoscopy)

Interventional Endoscopic procedures

  • Polypectomy of the Upper and Lower Digestive tract
  • Hemostasis (by placement of endoscopic CLIPS, ARGON PLASMA COAGULATION, local injection of hemostatic substance, etc.) in cases of upper and lower gastrointestinal bleeding.
  • Removal of foreign body after ingestion
  • Treatment of anal warts with ARGON implementation

The Gastroenterological endoscopies are carried out under alcohol anesthesia, upon the patient’s request, administered by the Anesthesiologist.

At the Gastroenterology Endoscopic Department, patients with liver, pancreatic, biliary and digestive tract conditions are treated on a scheduled as well as urgent basis, in collaboration with the Radiology Department (Ultrasound, CT & MRI) and the Medical Laboratory Department.

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LANDLINE: +30 2610 464 000
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