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Pediatric clinic

The Pediatric Clinic of the OLYMPION General Clinic, has been in full operation since September 2023, providing treatment for Pathological pediatric cases, from one month to 16 years old. Regular Outpatient Department and emergencies operate on a 24-hour basis for the young patients, with the potential of hospitalization when required.

It is the only private Pediatric Clinic in the city of Patra and in the whole of south-western Greece. It provides all the necessary medical subspecialties (Pediatric Hematology, Pediatric Pulmonology, Pediatric Gastroenterology and Pediatric Neurology Department as well as a specialized Pediatric Radiologist), so that all cases can be treated safely within the OLYMPION General Clinic.

The Pediatric Clinic is located on the 4th floor of the OLYMPION General Clinic, in state-of-the-art facilities and especially designed environment of impeccable aesthetics in order to be friendly and pleasant for the children. It has rooms of all categories, single, double, triple, deluxe and suite, with small beds and cribs.

It is possible for the parent to stay next to the child, in all the rooms, in comfortable reclining armchairs.

The Pediatric Clinic also offers:

  • three state-of-the-art exam rooms
  • on-call exam room
  • play room for young patients if their clinical condition allows
  • study room for young patients
  • rest room for parents/guardians


The pediatric clinic of the OLYMPION is staffed by medical and nursing personnel with extensive experience in the pediatric field. It provides high quality services and meets all international standards, thus, satisfying the need for quality pediatric care.

It operates under the scientific coverage and supervision of Dr. Georgios Krokidas, former Coordinating Director of the Pediatric Clinic of the Karamandanion Pediatric Hospital of Patras, who together with his experienced medical team, now offers his services to the young patients of the Pediatric Clinic of the OLYMPION.

Private Pediatricians also collaborate with the Pediatric Clinic, and have the capability to monitor and be informed about the progress of the treatment of their young patients.

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Volou & Meilichou Str., Kato Sychena, Patras 264 43, Greece



LANDLINE: +30 2611 100 600
AMBULANCE: +30 2610 464 000



LANDLINE: +30 2610 464 000
E-MAIL: info@olympion-sa.gr


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